Quiz #81: Bird

Members of what beach-loving shorebird species are pictured? (Photo taken 11/15/13 in Biddeford, Maine)

Photo of Quiz #81: Bird

V. None of the following

W. Sanderling

X. Semi-palmated Sandpiper

Y. Semi-palmated Plover

Z. Dunlin

When you are ready, scroll down for the answer…

V is... incorrect.  See below.

W is... incorrect. Sanderlings have shorter, straight bills.

X is... incorrect. Semi-palmated Sandpipers have shorter, straight bills and (with few exceptions) are absent from Maine from November to April.

Y is... incorrect. Semi-palmated Plovers have much shorter bills and bold, black breast-bands.

Z is... Correct! Dunlin have relatively long, drooping bills and are an expected species to find on a beach in southern Maine in the month of November.

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