Quiz #83: Seashore

Which of the following well-known edible shellfish is pictured below? Extra credit if you know who is responsible for the drill hole! (Photo taken 11/29/13 in Kennebunkport, ME.)

Photo of Quiz #83: Seashore

A. Quahog

B. Atlantic Sea Scallop

C. Soft-shelled Clam

D. Atlantic Surf Clam

When you are ready, scroll down for the answer…

A is… incorrect. Quahogs (Mercenaria mercenaria) have matching, roughly oval-shaped shells.

B is… incorrect. Atlantic Sea Scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) have fan-shaped, fluted shells.

C is… incorrect. Soft-shelled Clams (Mya arenaria) have thinner and more oval-shaped shells.

D is… Correct! This is a small Atlantic Surf Clam (Spisula solida). The small round hole in this shell was likely made by a Northern Moon Snail (Euspira heros).

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