Recent Read: Art Forms from Plant Life

Occasionally I explore the stacks of a nearby library and uncover a gem. Art Forms from Plant Life by William Harlow (1976) is one such book. The author uses 122 black-and-white prints of various magnification to illustrate many patterns of the plant world. In the preface, the author quotes one reader of the text as saying, “I shall look at only one of these pictures a day, study it, and try to extract its meaning.” Because I had borrowed the book, I chose to review it a bit more quickly, but I agree that most of the images are worth pondering at length. Many of the images prompted me to notice previously hidden patterns in my own travels – a sure sign of a worthwhile read.

Photo of Bark Pattern
Bark patterns are one of the subjects of this book

If you have trouble locating this version, try searching for an earlier edition titled Patterns of Life: The Unseen World of Plants (1966).

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