Here are some of my favorite nature blogs and websites:

Arthur Haines (blog, website & Anaskimin) A practitioner and teacher of neo-aboriginal lifeways and author of Ancestral Plants.

Avena Botanicals (website) Founded by herbalist Deb Soule, Avena offers high-quality made-by-hand-in-Maine herbal products. Avena's gardens in Rockport are well worth visiting!

Daniel Vitalis (website, ReWild Yourself! magazine & podcast) A strong voice and leader in the ReWilding movement.

Dawn Puliafico (Things with Wings blog) A naturalist and photographer with an eye for amazing sights.

EarthWalk Vermont (website) A nature awareness school located in Plainfield, VT, "EarthWalk's mission is to inspire and empower children, families and communities to reconnect with and care for one another and the Earth through long-term nature mentoring."

Forager's Harvest (website) The website of Samuel Thayer, a Wisconsin-based forager and author of three immensely useful guides to wild edible plants.

Green Deane (Eat the Weeds) A wild edibles enthusiast and teacher famous for his 140+ EatTheWeeds videos and his encyclopedic website.

Hazel Stark (Partridge, Pine, and Peavey blog) Through her "Plants and People" project, Hazel documents and shares living, local knowledge of New England edible and medicinal plants.

Janet Pesaturo (One Acre Farm blog) A naturalist and photographer who writes on the topics of animal tracking, livestock raising, gardening, homesteading, and wild food foraging, cooking, and preservation.

Kamana Naturalist Training Program (website) A home-study education program created by Jon Young (of 8 Shields) and the Wilderness Awareness School.

Maine Mycological Association (website) An organization promoting a deeper understanding of mushrooms through educational forays, trainings, and guest speakers.

Maine Primitive Skills School (website) A school specializing in earth-based education for young and old. In 2006, Earth Living I introduced me to fundamental human skills. Later, classes in foraging and tracking fueled my passions!

Photo of Sand Dollar topMary Holland (Naturally Curious blog) A Vermont naturalist, photographer, and author of the fantastic book Naturally Curious who delivers near-daily inspiration on her blog.

New Hampshire Garden Solutions (blog) A photographer and nature guide who shares his journeys through New Hampshire landscapes, with contemplative musings on plants, fungi, lichen, and so much more.

Rewild University (website) A one-of-a-kind earth-based school which encourages people to unleash their inner nature. Kenton and staff put out amazing video content.

Russ Cohen (website) A Massachusetts-based forager and author who teaches edible plant and mushroom workshops (often for free) around New England.

The 3 Foragers (blog) A Connecticut family who shares their adventures in mushroom hunting and edible plants, featuring mouth-watering photos and wild recipes.

The Forest Wolf (website & blog) Artist and nature educator Andy Dobos, based in Connecticut.

Walnut Hill Tracking & Nature Center (website) A school based in the Quabbin area of western Massachusetts, offering mammal, bird, and tree tracking workshops.

White Pine Programs (website) Located in Cape Neddick, ME, this organization helps children and adults connect with the natural world and each other in deep and fulfilling ways, with adult programs on bird language, animal tracking, and a variety of natural history topics.