Shorebirds: Marbled Godwit

Photo of Marbled Godwit

Birding as much as I do, it's a rare day that I observe a new-to-me species without traveling far afield. Last Saturday was one of those rare days. Following up on a local birder's Friday report of a Marbled Godwit at Hills Beach in Biddeford, I, along with a couple of other birders, arrived as the tide was falling and the muddy edges of the Basket Island Causeway were becoming exposed. Before long we all caught sight of the bird and watched her (or him) feeding among an assortment of much smaller shorebirds.

As far as shorebirds go, Marbled Godwits are big and tall. I loved watching while she used her long up-swept, bi-colored bill to probe deep into the mud, sometimes catching a glimpse of a long sand worm (or worm-like creature) being pulled up and promptly swallowed.

When I visited the causeway yesterday, she was still present. I took the last four photos during a brief rain storm. Some of the poses I witnessed were too fun not to share. To learn more about Marbled Godwits, visit All About Birds.

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