Sorting Sparrows: Field Sparrow

Within the last two weeks, the local Field Sparrows have begun singing from perches in their neighborhoods. The closest Field Sparrows to me live along a power-line cut, and I admire their ability to survive and seemingly thrive near such high levels of electromagnetism.

Photo of Field Sparrow

The Field Sparrow's song is often described as a ping-pong ball bouncing to a stop. Have a listen:


Photo of Field Sparrow spectrogram

If you hear this song yourself (presumably while visiting appropriate open habitat in the spring), look for a singer with a pink bill, complete white eye-ring, and buff-colored chest. Field Sparrows can be easier to spot while they are singing, as they tend to perch on the tops of shrubs to project their voices.  This conspicuous behavior is of course shared by many other songbirds in spring.

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