Sorting Sparrows: White-crowned Sparrow

Photo of White-crowned Sparrow

In New England, White-crowned Sparrows are primarily seen during migration. If you missed seeing one during the narrow spring window (early to mid-May), your next chance to see these uncommon birds begins in late September or October. By November, most will have flown further south, but some will linger in spots through the end of the calendar year. Adults have boldly striped black and white heads (like the bird pictured), while immature birds (found in fall) have head stripes that are brown and gray.

2 thoughts on “Sorting Sparrows: White-crowned Sparrow”

  1. Josh, A great find and a very nice photo!
    I certainly missed one of these. Did he (she maybe) show up at your favorite stomping ground?

    1. Thanks Keith. I actually saw 3 WCSP’s during a visit to Bolton Flats WMA in mid-May. This is one of those birds. Last October I did see a pair in a weedy area near my home, but they were too distant to photograph.

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