South Shore Bird Club

The South Shore Bird Club has posted their trip schedule for the months of September 2012 through February 2013. Annual membership to the club is a mere $10, but you need not be a member to attend a walk. Birders of all experience levels are encouraged to get out in the field and share their love of birds.

By attending a number of walks with the SSBC this year, I've gotten to know well-known and less-known birdy spots in Fairhaven and Quincy, as well as Bourne and Falmouth, and I've had the chance to see countless life birds, including a Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Moose Hill in Sharon, an Upland Sandpiper at the Plymouth Airport, and most recently a Philadelphia Vireo at Daniel Webster in Marshfield.

I do most of my birding solo, but birding with others (especially on SSBC walks) has been instrumental to advancing my identification skills.  Being with experienced eyes and ears is invaluable to sorting out tricky groups, like warblers, shorebirds, and terns.  Consider attending a walk in the coming months (or attend a bunch!).  There's no telling who you might see.

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