Stalking the White Porcupine

Photo of Porcupine feeding sign

I was walking a local nature trail and momentarily lost in thought, when I almost stepped on a strikingly white North American Porcupine. A twiggy branch was blocking the narrow trail and partially obscuring the quiet mammal, as she (or he) munched away on the green leaves, leaving behind just a fringe of blade on each leaf stalk. (The next photo shows some uneaten leaves. With these photo clues, can you guess the tree species?)

Photo of Albino Porcupine Quills

At first, this albino Porcupine didn't seem too concerned by my presence. She simply stopped munching and looked me over. When I moved a little closer, she turned around and showed me her white quills.  My approaching even closer caused her to head off trail where she stepped between shrubs and saplings. Before long, she picked out a small tree and climbed a few feet up, perhaps to get a better look at me. After taking a few more photos, I calmly explained that I did not mean her any harm and that I hoped she was able to finish feeding without any further interruption.

Photo of Albino Porcupine

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