Winter Plant ID: Black-eyed Coneflower

Photo of Winter form of Black-eyed Coneflower

Black-eyed Coneflower (Rudbeckia hirta) is a familiar flowering plant of fields, roadsides, and gardens. Flower heads feature showy, yellow ray flowers surrounding a cluster of dark disk flowers. In the white season, long after the petals have withered away, the dried stems retain their cone-shaped terminal heads. In all seasons, the stems, leaves, and bracts of Black-eyed Coneflower are coarsely hairy.

Photo of Winter stem of Black-eyed Coneflower

This perennial wildflower is also known by the common names Black-eyed Susan and Brown-eyed Susan, among others. See photos of this plant in both the green and white seasons at GoBotany.

Photo of Winter form of Black-eyed Coneflowers

Note: Many excellent resources are available to help you identify plants in their winter forms -- several are listed under Winter Exploring on my recommended resources page.

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