Winter Tree ID: Big-toothed Poplar

Photo of Big-toothed Poplar dried leaf

During the green season, the leaves of Big-toothed Poplar (Populus grandidentata) shake and sing much like the leaves of Quaking Poplar (P. tremuloides). Indeed, both species have leaves with flattened petioles, but the leaf margins of Big-toothed Poplar -- also called Big-toothed Aspen -- have fewer, larger teeth. Winter buds are hairy and often appear whitish. Trunk bark is generally light-colored and smooth on young trees, and becomes rough and ridged with age. Big-toothed Poplar grows quickly on open sites, like regenerating fields, and is often one of the first tree species to establish after logging, flooding, or fire.  (To view the following images in full-size, click here.)

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